Warriors Of Lucifer

A Website And Program To Prepare Boys To Become Men - To Defend Themselves, Their Coven Families, and Their Freedom and Faith - To Prepare For The Wars To Come

Work In Progress

To Serve As Defenders Of Their Coven Families, Of The Right To Practice Our Faith, And Defenders Against All Who Would Take Our Freedoms

To Move From Boy To Man - To Become A King And Priest Of Lucifer - To Serve and Lead As Soldiers and Seedbearers Of Satan

The War On Boys
On Being A Man
"Scouting" Skills
On Self Defense
One Defending Your Coven Family

On Defending Your Freedom

On Defending Your Faith
The Constitution Matters

Serving As A Warrior Of Satan

The Coming Wars


Puberty And Spermarche
What Is A Coven Family

What about being Gay or BTQ?

Becoming Seedbearers Of Satan



We Are Not Sheep - We Do Not Kneel