Warriors Of Lucifer


What are you?

We are a program for men and boys, operated by The Liberated Of Lucifer, a Satanic/Luciferian Church in Utah. You can think of us kind of like the boy scouts. We teach useful outdoor and survival skills, the principles of "Being A Man", and a respect for the Constitution of the United States of America, including the Bill of Rights, but without the needless emphasis on "duty to god" and the indoctrination of the false ideas of sin.

We are not watered down like much of the traditional scouting program has become, and we understand that much of society is pushing a "war on boys" in order to make them less. We run counter to that.

Are you "White-Supremacists" or "Nazis"?

No, we do not subscribe to any of those ideologies.

We do, however, support the freedom of others to believe what they will AND the freedom to speak about their beliefs openly and honestly.

There is no right to silence those that may hold beliefs or speak about beliefs that you or someone else may find scary or offensive.

Truly embracing freedom and liberty means that you accept that others may elect to do believe or do things that you may personally find offensive or repulsive but that do not personally infringe upon or harm you- and supporting their right to do so - knowing that they, in turn, accord you the same liberty.

When you outlaw ideologies, writings, or speech because you don't agree with them, or because you fear them, you are only setting your society up to be taken over by someone else that will, in turn, outlaw your own ideologies, writings, or speech because they don't agree with them.

If you are insecure enough in your beliefs and ideologies that you feel you have to outlaw ones you find scary or offensive, then you and your ideologies are weak and most likely won't last long.

Do you plan to attack Christians, Jews, or others?

No, we have no plans, intentions, or desire to attack or destroy others of any race, religion, or persuasion - so long as they permit us to exist in peace and live as we desire.

We do not desire to force our beliefs upon - or infringe upon - any others.

Our creed is - Let us live in peace according to our beliefs, and will let you live in peace according to your beliefs.

If any ever do come against us to do us harm, infringe upon us, or take our freedoms, we will destroy them.

Do you believe in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms?

Yes we do.

We love the protections of specific rights afforded by the Bill of Rights to the Constitution of the United States of America.

We exercise the right to own and carry arms. We are trained and prepared to use them in the defense of ourselves, our families, and our faith if necessary. This training is a part of our acitivities and a core part of our beliefs.

There are currently movements in this nation to weaken the Second Amendment. Some among them want to outlaw all gun ownership. Others want to outlaw guns that they find scary in appearance. Others want to outlaw magazines that allow firearms to function as they are legally, functionally designed and intended to do. Some want to limit how much ammunition you can own. Some want to raise the age at which you can purchase a firearm.

If any of these find success, be aware that we do not subscribe to the fatalistic ideology of "If they want my gun they will have to pry it from my cold, dead hands".

Our ideology on this is "In the day they ever come for our firearms, magazines, or ammunition, the cold, dead hands will be theirs". There will not be enough of "them" to take our firearms, but hopefully they will bring with them enough body bags for all their dead, and hopefully, they posess enough land in which they may bury their dead according to their customs.

Can Girls Join or Participate?

While this program is for boys and men, we do open activities for girls to participate in if they desire. We encourage them to learn and participate in the shooting sports, archery, and other activities that will help them participate in the defense of their families. We also teach them about the importance of The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

This program, however, is designed for boy to develop the skills, courage, and bravery they will need as the primary supporters and defenders of their families in the wars to come.

This is not to say that girls can't be courageous or brave or powerful. In the entire process of pregnancy, labor, and childbirth, girls demonstrate amazing courage, bravery, power, and strength. They are also the most important force for nurturing and teaching their children. There is a companion site and program for them at Wombs Of Lilith.

How can I learn more about your group?